Mother’s Day 2017

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From the Pastor

Monday, 07 September 2015

His blessings continue

When I accepted the call to come and serve the Rose of Sharon family a little more than eight years ago I was firmly convinced of two things … that this was where the Lord wanted me; and that He had great things in store for this church and community.

To say that the Lord has blessed and continues to bless this church is almost an understatement. Over the last eight years our average worship attendance has more than doubled, and our Sunday School has grown over sixty percent. It is truly an exciting time in the life of Rose of Sharon.

I feel there are simple and basic reasons that the Lord continues to bless this church family. We are a Bible believing and loving church. While we focus on people, we have a greater focus on possibilities for those people. We do not set goals or get caught up with numbers. Instead, we look for needs and seek to meet them. We do not come here to be served; but come here to learn how to serve. We do not lock our family inside and remove ourselves from our community; but seek to be a vital part of the life of our community. We recognize that the Lord has placed us here for a reason and there is something for each of us to do. We all have been blessed with gifts and talents for service.

We hope you enjoy reading and learning about the ministry and church family that is Rose of Sharon. Come and see us … we’d love to have you become a part of the family !!